Customization Services

Allow our expert at BekTransfer take care of the entire customization process from start to finish. We'll handle everything, including printing the transfers, ordering the blank goods, conducting in-house transfers, and discreetly shipping the final products to you or your desired destination.

1. We handle the printing of your transfers

Submit your design(s) for your order, and our team will handle the printing of your DTF transfers. Our artists conduct a thorough review of each order before the production process begins.

2. We arrange the purchase of your blank items

After you place your order with specific styles, colors, and sizes, we proceed to order your blank goods to our facility and perform a double-count check to ensure accuracy.

3. We perform the pressing for your order

Once both your transfers and goods are prepared, we will expertly press your transfers onto your goods, ensuring the successful completion of your order.

4. We handle the shipping and delivery

Once the order is ready, we will meticulously pack it based on size and ensure discreet shipping in an unbranded box, sending it directly to either you or your customer

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